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Thursday, August 23, 2012

BTS: My "First" Day and What's in my Schoolbag?

Welcome to my Junior Year Dorm Room! I am sure you will see a lot of it! I might show you around because it is such a typical college dorm! So this is what I wore my first day back to university as a Junior. From being a "veteran" of sorts at the whole college game I knew to keep it casual and as "easy-breezy" as possible!

{Blouse, Jeans- Old Navy, Oxfords/Brogues - Dorothy Perkins, Necklace - Macy's}

I also decided it might be interesting for you to see what I put in my schoolbag for university!!! Just some things that one would need for their first couple of days of going to classes!

What's in my School Bag?
  1. iPad - Perfect for notes, readings that are provided online, and looking over the syllabi online! 
  2. 5-subject and small notebook - I like the feeling of writing notes (it's just more tangible for me) I have a large notebook for things in each class and the small notebook for ideas during class, small notes to self, and blog ideas ;) 
  3. File Folder - Something to keep all the papers you get from all the classes is very important! 
  4. Mints, Lotion, and Hand Sanitizer - Small things that every girl needs in her purse I think is equally as necessary in your school bag ;)
  5. Dorm Keys/ Campus Card - These are my LIFE here at university I can literally not go anywhere without them.
  6. Pencil Pouch - Just to keep all my pencils and cords that I need throughout the day. I also keep my headphones! 
Much ♥


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  1. Replies
    1. Aww!! Thank you so much! What is it for?

  2. Perfect back to school outfit! I really love your shoes. And I'm jealous that you have such a cute school bag. I either forgo one or stick everything in a Mickey Mouse tote. Which, um... probably isn't very collegiate.

    1. Thanks so much!! And Mickey Mouse is everything!!! That is probably an awesome tote!

  3. Cute back to school outfit! I'm your newest follower :)


  4. Wow! You're an organize person, eh. Love the printed top too. :)



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