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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Almost That Time of Year Again!

Summer to Fall Transition Wants

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

FALL TIME IS COMING!!! I have missed thee! It is always so weird being back to school and it is still summer weather. Almost depressing! However, I am looking forward and here are some of my favorite Fall Transition pieces! Hopefully, It will soon FEEL like its transitioning into Fall time (my favorite season) and I can start wearing boots, tights, and cardigans again!! Oh how I miss thee!!!

Currently, (in personal news) I am trying to gain my barrings at school! It is so hard "getting back into the swing of things" and coming up with a productive schedule! However, I promise that I will have a clear schedule soon and be back with outfit posts and more :) In sadder news, I already have a speech due Thursday (I know crazy right I started back last Thursday!) and I need to get that done and out of the way!

Much ♥


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Thursday, August 23, 2012

BTS: My "First" Day and What's in my Schoolbag?

Welcome to my Junior Year Dorm Room! I am sure you will see a lot of it! I might show you around because it is such a typical college dorm! So this is what I wore my first day back to university as a Junior. From being a "veteran" of sorts at the whole college game I knew to keep it casual and as "easy-breezy" as possible!

{Blouse, Jeans- Old Navy, Oxfords/Brogues - Dorothy Perkins, Necklace - Macy's}

I also decided it might be interesting for you to see what I put in my schoolbag for university!!! Just some things that one would need for their first couple of days of going to classes!

What's in my School Bag?
  1. iPad - Perfect for notes, readings that are provided online, and looking over the syllabi online! 
  2. 5-subject and small notebook - I like the feeling of writing notes (it's just more tangible for me) I have a large notebook for things in each class and the small notebook for ideas during class, small notes to self, and blog ideas ;) 
  3. File Folder - Something to keep all the papers you get from all the classes is very important! 
  4. Mints, Lotion, and Hand Sanitizer - Small things that every girl needs in her purse I think is equally as necessary in your school bag ;)
  5. Dorm Keys/ Campus Card - These are my LIFE here at university I can literally not go anywhere without them.
  6. Pencil Pouch - Just to keep all my pencils and cords that I need throughout the day. I also keep my headphones! 
Much ♥


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Back To School | Everybody, Everywear

Sunday, August 19, 2012

BTS: Last Days of Summer

Well...the time has come. The time to pack up your things, leave your childhood bed, and return to school :( I am sad this has been such a long and restful summer I literally can't imagine my brain being able to do homework again! 

Will be returning for my Junior Year at my university in a couple of days! So everything leading up to and when I get their is going to be hectic! So I decided to share with you one of my last days of summer outfits that I really enjoyed! 

I hope to be settled in and back in the rhythm of blogging once I am fully settled in to school!!! I hope everyone else heading back to school has "great" first days ;)  
{Dress- Jack by BB Dakota, Denim Vest- DIY, Shoes and Hat - Gifted, Necklace - Kohls}

Much ♥

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Everybody, Everywear: BTS - My Style Basic's

{Light Pink Button-Down and Fuchsia Pleated Skirt - Thrifted, Necklace - Gift, Shoes - Target} 
So for this next Back To School series post I wanted to put up an outfit post that highlighted "My Style Basics". Now to be clear I have kind of different style basics than most! However, overall style basics (at least in my opinion) are quite personal and varied!

My Top 5 Style Basics!

1. Comfortable Skirt - I am obviously in-love with skirts! I think it is important to have a classic and solid-colored skirt when going back to school! For me all I need is a basic t-shirt and some flats and I am good for almost everyday of the week! I am wearing one of my favorite skirts in my fave colors: Fuschia :)
2. Basic T-Shirts - As already mentioned,I am a strong advocated of just basic t-shirts! I love the ones from places like Forever21 and H&M, because they come in a wide variety of colors and are inexpensive! These shirts can be worn under cardigans, with skirts, and jeans! 
3. Cardigans - Another thing that I am unusually obsessed with are cardigans! I love them because they come in so many different weights and colors! I have light cardigans that I wear in the summer and spring and then, heavier cardigans that are perfect for fall and winter! I think they can add such dimension to an outfit be it adding color, texture, or just another layer! 
4. Flats - I love flats recently because at my university their are many hills and valleys with cobble-stone EVERYWHERE! Now if your college is anything like mine heels just don't work in that kind of environment. So I have become a lover of flats! I used to be a heels girl (and I believe I am in my heart :) However, college campuses require flats (or booties ;) 
5. Jeggings - I am sure everyone owns a pair or has their favorite pair of jeans that are perfectly worn in! Denim is an almost everyday wear for me when I am at college and I don't feel like dressing up or giving that much thought to an outfit! They are just so easy!!! Especially jeggings all you have to do is put them on, throw on a basic shirt, and a cardigan and you are pretty much good to go!  

Much ♥ 

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

My LBS (Guest Post)

I recently did a guest post on Vedette's blog! They have been so great working with me it truly has been a blast! I absolutely love their message so definitely check out their blog and my post over there I think it is quite nice...P.S. I talk about Breakfast at Tiffany's ;) If you needed a reason to go check it out!

Check Out the Post

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back To School (BTS): Mac Obsessed Tech Cases

Back To School (BTS): Tech Cases

{iPhone Cases: 1234/ new iPad/ iPad 2 Cases: 1, 2, 3, 4/ Laptop Cases: 1, 2, 34}

Hey guys! Long time no posting!!! I have been super busy these past few weeks with family coming in and my internship! I just finished my internship today and will be starting back university in 1 week!!! The time has went by so fast but it is that time of the year AGAIN: BTS (Back To School)! I am one of those weird kids who loved the time before BTS because that mean that I could get cool new school supplies and fresh pencils! I am still one of those kids but now instead of getting new spiral notebooks and pencils I am looking at new cases and styluses! Oh have the times have changed in all of 3 years! 

So, here are some of my favorite cases for the new school year! I have recently become a member of the "Cult of Mac" lol! So I am trying to outfit my gear before heading back to school so that it stays protected and doesn't get lost in the sea of Apple products at my university! 

I am sure you noticed the trend of Composition Notebook styled cases! I am actually already an owner of the Comp. Laptop Case and I absolutely LOVE it! I was always of fan of Composition Notebook's. Before, texting me and my friends in the hall of my middle school used to decorate them, write notes in them, and past them around in the hallways between classes! O, how I miss those days! 

Stay tuned for the rest of the BTS Series coming up!!! Also, what are some of your favorite tech cases? I would love to have more links and suggestions!

Much ♥ 


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