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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's In My Bag?

I am so jazzed to do this post! For some reason "What's In My Bag?" YouTube videos and blog posts are my ABSOLUTE favorite! So I decided to do one on my blog since I am not really dressing to the 9's and 10's lately. This is my last week of holiday break until school starts and I am determined to rest and relax before I am back on the Monday-Friday grind of university life :) So without further adieu here is my whats in my bag!

1. Coach Wristlet (I use as wallet)
2. My Car Keys (with the pink friendship bracelet from 2 years ago :)
3. My School Keys (My student i.d. and dorm key)
4. My Beaten Up Notepad
5. Germ X ( Germs are EVERYWHERE! )
6. Burts Bees (Essential.)
7. Ice Breakers
8. Ear Buds
9. Bath and Body Works Lotion in Sweet Pea
10. my iPhone 4
11. Pen (one of many)
12. Spark Gum (the best!)
13. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Hope you all enjoyed a look inside my purse! 


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