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Friday, January 6, 2012

Day in the Instagram

I absolutely love the app Instagram I don't get why it's so addicting I am just going to guess it has to do with the filters! lol! Well today was one of the last days of my Winter Break so I took some Instagram's so her is a day in the life :)

(Waking up to the mess of shoes from the day before...don't judge me!)
(This is what I wore today out to run errands all over town)
This is probably unsafe but this is my driving and a cool mountain view in the background that I liked. (The light had just turned green)
(Went to the eye doctor I love the waiting area kind of reminds me of a home living room) 
(I was dilated at the eye doctor so I got the cool sunglasses!!)
Got some DELICIOUS chicken teriyaki for lunch!! 
 Did a small bit of damage at the mall :) 

So today was a nice day! The best thing about today was the weather! It is early January here in Alabama however it was like 65 degrees today! I was HOT in my car! So awesome! I am going to miss this break!


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