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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic FEVER!!!

I am so excited at this point in time!! I know that I don't seem like a "Sporty Spice" but I absolutely LOVE LOVE the Olympics! It started last Friday and I have been literally sleep, eat, and breathing the Olympics!!! They have made it so that every second is LIVE on and I have been watching it non-stop! So this is pretty much a post about how awesome the Olympics are!! Are any of you watching the Olympics???

Something that I have noticed and I am sure that you all have noticed as well! Are the awesome nail art the Woman of the Olympics are rocking this year!!! Here are some of my faves:

Miss Franklin, 17 - First Olympics and First Personal Gold, July 30th

Ruta Meilutyte, 15 Lithuanian First Personal and National Gold Medal in 100m Breast/Swim Event 

As you can probably tell I am a sucker for an upset and a underdog story!!! I absolutely loved these girls wins and their awesome "Home Town" Pride Nail Art!! For more of this awesome nail art trend from awesome Olympians click HERE!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome Olympic season!!! :) 

Much ♥


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  1. I've got the fever, too! An APT observation of style during the Olympics...



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